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in order to safeguard the interests of consumers, ensure that users can properly use and maintain the product in the user's good reputation, now my company's pre-sale, sale, service commitments are as follows:
(1) we promise: free warranty for one year.
quality (2) for all products by the relevant national standards, the end user site detailed investigation, free delivery, free installation, implementation specifications "turnkey." all of our equipment in the warranty period will be carried out gratis (except artificial damage and the principle of non-normal use caused). beyond the warranty period, only charge the cost of spare parts, in addition to on-site service at no extra fee or any other fee.
(3) we can make sure the device is brand new, unused, is made of first-class technology and the best material, in full compliance with the quality, specifications and performance requirements of the tender genuine, we ensure their equipment is installed correctly under the conditions of use and maintenance, with a satisfactory performance over its useful life. warranty period from the acceptance of delivery of the equipment installed on the last day of the users.
the principle of service work: resolutely support and implement the relevant laws and regulations, implementation of the national part of the goods repair replacement return the liability, in accordance with the service regulations australia reiter, follow the "quality problems, big or small, the user is always right", the implementation of "attentive, efficient, life-long service" principle, for the majority of the orient to provide perfect service.
sales service company responsible for the overall planning of work, quality of work of service for inspection, monitoring, evaluation and guidance. department is responsible for the daily management of the quality of service the company's after-sales service, the company responsible for the quality of service work; preparation of spare parts requirements planning, arrangements outlets after-sales service, users of the company and verify the quality of service satisfaction, inspection and evaluation service personnel work meets requirements; responsible for the quality of information and product quality throughout the service information collection, collation, analysis and make evaluations, product development and put forward suggestions for improvement.
each marketing service center, franchise service point staff accept the leadership of the company's quality of service department, responsible for the daily management of the area of ​​service work, responsible for the regional service quality; repair network linking the region to establish, coordinate oversight of the network service work, so that customers can get services in the region; to establish service files, dynamic management of the service work; and responsible for the quality of customer information collection, collation, analysis and feedback; and responsible for the users of the product quality complaints handling loss of customer complaints to the enterprise responsible; counter parts responsible for the establishment in the region, and is responsible for daily management of the accessories.
after the service or repair service center received a telephone call or mail users, the clerk should be asked in detail about the user's name, address, telephone number, date of purchase, the quality of repair and fill out the registration form called user, notify service department or person in charge of network arrangements service personnel on-site service. after the service results should be treated as required to complete a user registration form called the repair results, credited service accounting and archiving.
services shall establish or service outlets throughout the service files (general users, specific users, user groups, new product users) regularly tracking service. after taking the initiative to come to understand the views of users of the product or by telephone, letters and other forms of transfer, product recommendations and use of quality problems, and make a record, collate monthly analysis the general manager, and the director in charge of technology, production , quality control and other departments.
complaints about customer generated, regardless of the seriousness of the problem size, in charge of service personnel in the region are required to go in person, if necessary, heads of offices or distributors should be jointly responsible for the service personnel to deal with, so that users are satisfied.
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