technical specification for longmen machining center sdsk2015v5-bt40

technical specification for longmen machining center sdsk2015v5-欧洲杯外围买球网

1、 machine introduction:

1. the sdsk2015v5-bt40 model is a lightweight 2-meter gantry machining center specially designed for customers; fixed beam structure; equipped with taiwan shengjie 16 bit ufo style knife magazine, with a tool changing speed of 2 seconds; the movement mode is to move the y-axis workbench forward and backward, the x-axis to move left and right, and the z-axis to move up and down< br/>
2. the body adopts a top-notch granite (marble) structure that never deforms; three axis adopts imported taiwan shangyin precision linear guide rail, taiwan tbi; grinding grade ball screw, german coupling, servo motor, distribution cabinet constant temperature system, advanced spindle cooling system, automatic lubrication system, water circulation cooling liquid spray system, air filtration device, ensuring higher processing accuracy, speed and stability; especially suitable for precision engraving, milling, cutting, expanding, punching, tapping and other processing of various types of steel, copper, aluminum, acrylic, plastic and other parts< br/>
3. additionally, a fourth rotary shaft, side milling head, and probe function can be added< br/>
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龙门加工中心 (the pictures are for reference only, subject to the actual product)

2、 list of main machine configuration (unit: mm)
regulations; grid; speak; bright
deep carving cnc system/3-axis 3kw huichuan servo motor, z-band brake/spindle servo drive 7.5-11kw
full set
taiwan dayue straight nose spindle bt40-150-560-12000/with cooling water outlet (equipped with hydraulic cutting cylinder)
full set
taiwan shengjie 16t ufo servo tool magazine
1 set
xyz axis using taiwan/intime/ & nbsp; precision linear guide;
full set
taiwan tbi for xyz axis; precision grade grinding ball screw
full set
outer cover: 2mm steel plate, baked paint (stainless steel water tank)
1 set
aluminum workbench size: 2000 in x direction, 1500 in y direction, thickness 50, with t-shaped groove
1 set
marble body, marble crossbeam
1 set
cast iron mechanical parts
1 batch
distribution cabinet constant temperature system
1 set
schneider electric accessories
1 batch
imported nsk/koyo/tbi& nbsp; p-grade angular contact paired bearings
full set
spindle oil cooler
1 unit
electronic handwheel
1 set
knife alignment instrument
1 unit
x/z-axis with three proof cloth organ cover (y-axis with retractable stainless steel plate cover)
1 set each
x/y/z axis plastic drag chain
1 set each
automatic lubrication oil pump
1 set
air filter
2 sets
water spray device
1 set
water pump 750w
1 set
machine tool accessories
1 set
bt40 knife handle/complete set of reduced nipple (three in one)

3、 main technical parameters of the equipment: (unit: mm)
workbench size
2000 * 1500; (t-slot m14)
gantry width
two thousand and sixty
spindle nose end to workbench
max 670~min 170
flying saucer tool magazine to workbench
minimum 500
x-axis travel
two thousand and thirty
travel y-axis
one thousand five hundred and thirty
z-axis travel
five hundred
x/y/z fastest movement speed
x35 meters/minute

y40 meters/minute

z40 meters/minute
maximum processing speed
12 meters per minute
control system
deep carving cnc system
servo system
ac servo
system resolution
zero point zero zero one
three axis verticality
whole machine positioning accuracy
&plusmn; 0.02mm
localization accuracy
within 300± 0.01mm
repetitive positioning accuracy
number of spindles
1 & nbsp;
spindle servo power
spindle servo torque
35.8n. m
spindle speed
12000 rpm/min
ufo type tool magazine
16 bit
knife changing method
clamping tool handle
knife alignment method
the countertop bears a load
rated voltage
maximum power of the entire machine
overall weight
about 10000kg
external dimensions (length * width * height)
approximately 3350 * 3900 * 3400

4、 standard configuration and accessories for the host:
1 mechanical, electrical, and operation manual
straight spindle bt40-150-560-12000 long nose
rigid tapping function
automatic lubrication system
electrical box heat exchanger
adjustable foundation cushion block
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branch address: no. 199 longshan road, ma'anshan economic and technological development zone/office: no. 1399 sufu road, xukou town, wuzhong district, suzhou city, jiangsu province
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